Refund and Cancellation Policy

Khidki is a marketplace which provides two features to the users

  1. A platform where sellers can sell the product to buyers.
  2. Act as an escrow platform which ensures payment is released to the seller only when delivery has been confirmed by buyer and buyer is happy with the product after on delivery inspection.

Khidki is NOT selling any products to buyers directly.

How does Khidki escrow work?

Khidki is taking the advance payment of product in the case of online payment on behalf of sellers. Once the successful product delivered by the seller and buyer inspect & verified the product, Khidki will release the payments to sellers. After that, no order cancellation will be accepted.

Section (1) - Cancellation Policy

Section (2) - Refund Policy

Section(3) - Return Policy

Khidki doesn’t entertain any return request after verification by the buyers at the time of delivery. However, some seller may allow return request in which case buyer have to directly communicate with the seller. Seller contact details are available on the order details page.